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C. Stephen Barrett, III, Esq. Lawyers Assistance Fund

"Helping Others is our Recovery"


A significant number of attorneys and others in the legal profession in New Jersey suffer from addictive diseases such as alcoholism, drug dependency, compulsive gambling and the like.  A fortunate few turn to the New Jersey Lawyers Assistance Program for help.


While the Lawyers Assistance Program has many resources and much experience at its disposal, there are times when some form of residential treatment is needed.  Unfortunately, many of its clients are without insurance or funds to obtain this treatment.


The purpose of the C. Stephen Barrett, III, Esq. Lawyers Assistance Fund, which is administered by Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, a NJ Non-Profit Corporation, is to provide financial assistance to lawyers, and others in the legal profession, recommended to it by the Lawyers Assistance Program and other professionals.  This assistance is in the form of a loan rather than an outright grant.



Proceeds from the annual LCL Reception and Awards Event are used to maintain this fund.   Contributions are welcome throughout the year and can be sent to "Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers" at the address shown on this web site.   LCL is designated as a 501(c)3 public charity by the Internal Revenue Service. Donations are tax deductible to the extent provided for by law.

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To find out more about LCL, its meetings and opportunities for service, please call the New Jersey Lawyers Assistance Program (NJLAP) at:  800-246-5527  NJLAP and LCL are sister programs and frequently collaborate to provide New Jersey attorneys, judges, law students, and law graduates access to a range of recovery and other well-being resources.  To learn more about NJLAP, you can also visit

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